Torbjorn Vanderstuch

Torbjorn Vanderstuch character art

I am a short stout man standing only 4’2″ but I am full of passion and desire to not only do my family name but my clan, the Honeywhiskey, names after one of our top exports… Whiskey mixed with Honey, justice. My people are known for their honey whiskey, it is legend around certain parts. Other than Armor and Weapons, aka iron work, it is our top export and is what sustains our economy and sanity.

As a child my home land was taken over by a foreign invader and I have seen the face of death many times over. I was able to escape from my homeland during the battle but was separated from my family and have no idea if they are alive or dead. I began adventuring in search of gold or valuable items I can use as trade to find my family again

My father was a world renowned blacksmith and all the nobility wanted him to make their armor which was his primary job. On the side to relieve some stress he started making his own whiskey and it started with family and friends and eventually the whole kingdom wanted it. He was training me to become a blacksmith and follow in his footsteps as he and my mother groomed my sister to take over the whiskey business.