Kosef the Penitent

“Sarenrae the Everlight, the goddess of redemption and restoration, is ever merciful to those willing to repent.” These are the words Kosef the Penitent holds fast to, and that he repeats to all whom would listen. Those without remorse receive swift justice, which he offers just as quickly. 

Kosef, a half orc paladin, travels across the country side offering aid and support to those in need. Easily intimidating, with his size and shield, the whispers of Gruumsh lead him toward a path of violence. But he trusts his goddess for the strength to overcome, and has become as persuasive as he is frightening. Blessed with visions of a calamity to come, his work leads him to stopping what could be.

His sword and shield he keeps close, treasured mementos, and just as important to him is a copy of The Birth of Light and Truth, rebound in the leather of of a prize buck he tracked and skinned himself. It belonged to someone else before him, and the words they wrote in it provide as much comfort as the words of Sarenrae herself.