Tim Buller


Tim began playing pen and paper RPGs when he was just a kid in the suburbs of St Louis, though he didn’t keep up with them after heading off to college. Growing up on Palladium brand games (TMNT, After the Bomb), Tim wasn’t introduced to D&D proper until a coworker invited him to play a 4th edition campaign. It was fun for a while but didn’t last in a world of unreliable schedules and the party disbanded. Tim later ran a few games himself, but only in the AGE system from Green Ronin. Joining Saved by the Roll from Level 2 will be his first foray into 5th edition D&D.

Tim is also a writer with works available in the Apple iBooks store and on Amazon. You can also catch him as cohost of The Nano Blitz podcast, a podcast about the John Madden Football video game from EA Sports. You can follow him on Twitter at @timbuller