Nate Parsons


Nate has a passion for sport, technology, and gaming (board and video) that has been deeply rooted in friendship since he can remember. In his youth he found equal time and passion through playing Basketball, Soccer, and taking Martial Arts all while enjoying original NES titles. His older brother was the first to introduce him to roll playing games. His brother hooked him on the RPG, Ninjas and Superspies. Pre-teen Nathan wanted to grow up and be either a Placekicker, Naval Aviator (Thanks Tom Cruise), or a Ninja.

Nate is a professional in the Technology field. He is Married his beautiful Wife, who also is an avid gamer. Openly admits to being defeated a majority of the time by her. Along with fellow cast member Tim Buller he is cohost of The Nano Blitz podcast and website, which is dedicated to feedback and critic of EA’s Madden franchise.